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Last week was one of those weeks that never seemed to end, and the days all blended together. Part of it was the workload, but another was knowing that I needed to get up early on Saturday morning to start driving to Chicago. I know when I have thoughts like “I can catch up on some sleep a week from Saturday” that things are getting tough.

Nevertheless, the trip to Chicago was for fun, not work, though I am spending the day at an IBM office doing calls today. We stopped in Cleveland on Saturday to see the special Springsteen exhibit, and it was well worth it. I didn’t know, for example, that all of the Born to Run album was composed on the piano. It was also very cool to see the original notebooks where Bruce wrote, and re-wrote, many of his most famous songs.

My daughter goes to college in Chicago, so that’s really the point of this springtime visit. Of course, Chicago is a great city with a lot to see and do, so we’re having some fun while here. Yesterday we saw Jersey Boys about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, though I caution you on the adult language and “situations.” Tomorrow night, Springsteen is playing at the United Center and we’ll see him as well. This was planned long ago.

I posed myself a question last week that I haven’t really haven’t had time to answer: “What really great open source desktop application, large or small, am I not using on my computer that I should be?” It should be something that I want to use everyday, preferably more than once. What’s new and cool that you use and now find indispensable?

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  1. gnome-do. It’s a universal launcher that has plugins for your data as well. So you can enable pidgin support then just start typing someones name to IM them. Or file support, to open files directly by best matching names, instead of navigating around in nautilus. gnome-do looks like a simple replacement for alt+f2, but it’s really much more.

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