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I’m working today in an IBM office building in a major city, whereas I usually operate out of my home office when I’m not on the road. I arrived early today and that turned out to be a good idea since it took me twenty minutes to get the protected wifi working and figure out the phone. My cell phone does not work in the conference room in which I am currently ensconced. Since there are no windows, I took a break between calls to go and see what the weather was doing. (No rain yet, but very cloudy.)

The rooms at this end of the building are labeled things like “Team Room,” “Conference Room,” and “Work Room.” These all make sense.

When I was walking back from checking out the weather and making a cell phone call near a window, I saw a very strange room with a little sign that said “Duck In Room.” Since I had had some issues earlier in the day, it seemed strange but not impossible that there might be a duck (quack) in the room. To my credit, my surprise lasted only a second or two when I realized that they really meant “Duck-in Room,” as in a room that you could use on a quick, temporary and impromptu basis. That made much more sense.

Long live the hyphen.

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