Linux, Virtualization, and Clouds

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The presentation I gave yesterday at Cloud Expo Europe is now available online. As with most presentations, the slides are meant to drive the discussion and not be 100% expositionally complete. In particular, my thesis in this talk is that virtualization (or “virtualisation,” for you Brits) is essential for clouds and Linux is an absolutely fine way of providing virtualization.

Here is the presentation itself via SlideShare:

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  1. Thanks for a great presentation and for sharing it on Slideshare. I’ve forwarded it to everyone I’ve been working with in the Western New York Regional Information Center region. At Franklinville Central we’ve completely virtualized our data center with VMWare ESX. Twenty-four Windows and Linux servers in two ESX boxes. I’ve been advocating the use of clouds and cloud resources in our local school districts. I’ve been getting some resistance from BOCES who wants to build their own cloud. Maybe that is the way to go, but regardless of their direction there can be no doubt that virtualization and cloud computing are the present and future. I’ve mentioned this before, but we have a Ubuntu Linux terminal server running virtualized in our ESX infrastructure and we’re looking to expand that offering as it has become quite popular with the students and administration.

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