Aftermath of site reconstruction: a few more nits

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Ten days ago I documented how my hosting provider deleted the wrong account and wiped and some other sites I own. I had backups for all the files and got most everything running within a few hours, but it was a pain.

Under Construction

What did not happen automatically upon restoring the files was any customization I had done via the hosting control panel. I discovered this today when WordPress was complaining about memory problems when I tried to mail myself a backup database and update to version 2.8.4 (do it).

WordPress is written in the PHP programming language and the normal setting for the amount of memory to be used is pretty small, around 2M if I remember correctly. What I do remember is that I upped that to something much larger in my php.ini file, so I couldn’t understand why I was having a problem.

So, I bounced over to FileZilla to see what was in that initialization file and … it wasn’t there. I did have it on my local machine, but higher up in the directory tree. I had neglected to restore it. Once I did that, the WordPress upgrade was successful.

However, I realized when poking around the control panel for my host provider was that I had also neglected to turn on FastCGI for PHP. This meant that for the last 10 days there was a lot of extra load on the server while many instances of PHP were started and stopped. Luckily I had caching working, so that helped.

With these changes, I hope that the site is now fully back to normal and operating efficiently. Fingers crossed.

Note: WordPress now has a very cool automatic upgrade (Drupal take note), but do heed their advice of backing up your files and database. If anything goes wrong mid-update you might need to reinstall your blog software and content.

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  1. I’ll just say Drupal is taking note, but at the moment there are flexibility and security concerns that need to be addressed. With the people that are working on it, it’ll probably show up in the next version to come out about in the Spring.

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