Google still beating Bing, by a lot, plus other number games

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Yesterday I was reading the article “Surprise: Open-Source Users Prefer Google to Microsoft Bing” by Clint Boulton. In it, Clint talks about Chitka ad network’s analysis of their traffic from search engines:

The ad network compared the operating system and search engine data for more than 163 million searches and discovered 94.61 percent of all Linux search traffic was from Google, compared with 78.54 percent of Windows user searches.

Only 8 percent of Windows users searched Bing, with a mere .77 percent of Linux searches came through Bing.

My reading of the data is that Google is doing much better than Bing for everyone, not just open source types. Bing is still relatively new, so I think it will be more interesting to see how well it is doing in a year from now.

With that caveat, here are a few statistics from my own web site for the last month, courtesy of Google Analytics (what would Bing Analytics say?):

  • Search engines: 49.39% of all my traffic comes from Google searches, 1.11% come from Bing and .92% come from Yahoo searches.
  • Browsers: 54.05% from Firefox, 26.48% from Internet Explorer, 7.23% Safari, and 4.14% Chrome.
  • Operating systems: 62.98% Windows, 23.41% Linux, 12.68% Mac.

Interestingly, Firefox on Windows is now beating Internet Explorer on Windows, 30.14% to 26.46%.

If you compare these with the site stats I published in mid-July, you’ll see that for my site both Linux and Firefox have jumped quite a bit at the expense of Windows and Internet Explorer.

Further caveats: I talk about open source a lot on my blog, so I would expect more hits from open source users than, say, a site that was about “Windows Tips and Problem Solvers.” The “Life with Linux” blog series I did probably also skewed things.

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