The pepper harvest

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The nights are starting to get quite cold here in northwest New York State and it’s likely we’ll have a frost soon. After work this evening I went out to the garden to pick the remaining peppers before they got zapped by a freeze. Here’s what I got, plus a few other vegetables thrown in for good measure.

The pepper harvest

In the next few weeks I’ll publish a summary of how the garden went this year, with a discussion of what worked and what didn’t. The peppers were a real highlight. At the other extreme, we got no corn at all despite planting about 35 feet of it: the raccoons ate it all.


  1. Never thought I’d have pepper envy, but those are some damn fine looking peppers there. I wouldn’t mind the raccoons having a snack, but they pig out and leave a mess every time.

  2. They are beautiful. I have 2 pepper plants growing in a pot outside. Just recently they decided to start sprouting baby peppers; don’t know if they’ll make it before the frost.

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