Scifi reading list update – Back to the Foundation

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As I’ve mentioned several times, I’ve been working my way through the books that have won the Best Novel awards for science fiction and fantasy, namely the Hugo and Nebula awards. Elsewhere on this site is the list of these books as well as some housekeeping data such as which books I own and which books I have read.

Here’s my latest status:

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I’m taking a detour from the primary list to go back and read Asimov’s Foundation novels, plus the various prequels, sequels, and estate-authorized books. Like many science fictions books I own, I read them when I was a teenager and in my early twenties, so they are worth a revisit. These are the Asimov books, though books 3 – 5 were the original trilogy:

  1. Prelude to Foundation
  2. Forward the Foundation
  3. Foundation
  4. Foundation and Empire
  5. Second Foundation
  6. Foundation’s Edge
  7. Foundation and Earth

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The authorized second trilogy is:

  1. Foundation’s Fear by Gregory Benford
  2. Foundation and Chaos: The Second Foundation Trilogy by Greg Bear
  3. Foundation’s Triumph by David Brin

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  1. I voraciously consumed the Foundations series while much younger. It would be good to revisit those. I also loved Dune. I can remember doing a family tree of the Atriedes and Harkonens to better understand who was who. Enjoy getting reacquainted.

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