I’m waiting

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Every once in a while I realize that I’m waiting for something. Here are some of those things.

I’m waiting for …

  • The next release candidate of Ubuntu Linux 9.10.
  • Fedora Linux 12.
  • Winter. I know it’s coming, and I’m tired of being teased.
  • The World Series, but only if the Yankees are in it. I hope it’s Yankees-Dodgers.
  • Nice Autumn weather when I’m home to enjoy it.
  • The package from Amazon to be delivered via UPS that is now five days late.
  • The guy to rake my leaves.
  • A single blogging/CMS platform where I can keep all my content.
  • An open source symbolic math system to rival Maple and Mathematica. I’ve seen Sage. I’m still waiting.
  • A decision on my part on whether I will write another book and what it will be.
  • A visit to see my daughter at college and her first visit home this school year.

What are you waiting for?


  1. — openSUSE 11.2
    — The rain to stop. Wettest year ever in Missouri’s Ozarks.
    — Cold weather. It’s like free air-conditioning to me.
    — What impact Android 2.0 will have (DroidDoes.com)
    — To find out whether the neighbor’s kid caught a fish in the lake across the park. He did, a catfish. He asked me to clean it. I gave him a recipe on how to cook it instead.

  2. What I am waiting for
    – See android develop with capable hardware
    – to see if Palm survives with the new pre
    – to see if there’s a backlash against iPhone
    – to see if S60 is really going anywhere
    – for my current 18month phone contract to expire at the right time when good replacement available
    – to persuade my wife that her next phone shouldn;t run a totally closed OS, but at least should be S60/android/webos/iphone at must have a full data package
    – until I can afford a 50mm 1.8/1.4 & 70-300 for my nikon DSLR
    – until I can really get to grips with Adobe lightroom & my workflow
    – availability of VDSL2 in local loop (BT starting now, but *at my house*)
    – until my cockapoo bitch is a few months older & it’s time to introduce her to a stud.
    – until my next pay rise. (as if…)

    What I am NOT waiting for
    – Fedora 12 — already my primary workstation
    – Ubuntu 9.10 – already have it on a spare desktop, used daily

    What I wsa happy to wait for and happened anyway
    – my daughter becoming a teenager

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