A catch-up weekend

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I’m sitting here on Sunday night watching the NY Yankees play the Philadelphia Phillies in Game 3 of the 2009 baseball World Series. I usually only watch the Series if the Yankees are in it, and then only when they are winning. It’s a stress thing. I pop in to the tv room from time to time and stay if the Yankees are up, especially if they are up big.

This weekend was the first whole weekend I’ve been home out of the last three. Half of each of the last two weekends was taken up with a business trip to Europe, so I was looking forward to sleeping late and getting some things done inside and outside the house. I was really pretty successful in both, though with the game running late tonight, I’m not going to start the week feeling fully rested.

Outside, my main accomplishment was rearranging the garage so that we could fit one of the cars in it. What we call the garage is really more of a converted carriage house, it so can only fit one car. The complicating factor this year was that I got a tractor for the lawn plus a trailer. Somehow I managed to squeeze it over to one side. While I can continue to get clever about how I arrange things, I really need a bigger, real garage. A workshop in it might be a nice touch too …

Inside it seemed like I did or fixed a hundred things that have been bugging me, such as doing some mortar repairs in the basement floor and moving my tie rack from one closet to another. A whole lot things meaningless to most people, but to me it meant getting my life in slightly better order and knocking some items off my unwritten todo list. It’s nice to be home.

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