OFE objects to EIF 2.0

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In a press release, OpenForum Europe (OFE) has reacted rather strongly to the latest draft, presumably leaked, of the European Interoperability Framework. From the introduction to the document:

Brussels, 9th November 2009 – OFE has reacted strongly against a leaked draft of the revision to the European Interoperability Framework (EIF), expressing deep disappointment with the new wording and serious doubts about the transparency of the process that led to it. Letters have been sent to the responsible Commissioner Kallas and Director General Garcia-Moran, and to the CIOs of all Member States calling for a withdrawal of the document. It has also contrasted it to the statement made by the Swedish Presidency last week.

In particular, OFE objects to the diminished role stated for open standards for interoperability. If you are European, I recommend you make your voice heard, one way or the other.

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