3 days, 3 photos of Boston

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I spent parts of Wednesday through Friday this week in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and never really went into Boston except for getting to and from the airport. Nevertheless, since the two cities are separated only by the Charles River, Boston was never far away.

Here are three photos made with my iPhone from my hotel window of the skyline of the city of Boston.

Boston skyline
Wednesday evening at dusk

Boston skyline
Thursday morning

Boston skyline
Friday morning


  1. Great shots – especially the Friday morning one. Any chance of being able to download them in a larger format (e.g. 1280×1024) ? Feel free to add a “http://www.sutor.com” (or similar URL) border / watermark to the downloadable versions. It would remind me of the excellent content that I have found on your blog.

    P.S. You might want to try creating a panorama version of the three shots for an extreme landscape display. Or an animated GIF that would cycle through the three images.

  2. Ted, these are are max resolution since I took them with my iPhone. Thanks for the other suggestions!

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