Life with Linux: Google Earth

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As I continue to work and play with Linux on the desktop, I try new things, keep a few, and toss out even more. Here’s a keeper.

I started using this on Windows (ancient history), then on the Mac, and now on Linux under Ubuntu 9.10. It’s available from the Google Earth web site, as you might expect.

After downloading the installer (mine was called GoogleEarthLinux.bin), you need to run it. Open a terminal shell, change to your download directory, and then do:

chmod a+x ./GoogleEarthLinux.bin

There are other less geeky, command-oriented ways of doing it, but that gets the job done. You are telling Linux that the file should executable as a program, and then you are running it. Once Google Earth is installed you can delete GoogleEarthLinux.bin.

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  1. Very cool… I like the “Flight Simulator” mode in Google Earth.

    Also, I like to use Picasa and Chromium on Ubuntu GNU/Linux 9.10.

    For Picasa, I use the latest version from the Google software repository:

    For Chromium browser in Ubuntu, I use the PPA for Chrome and the instructions here:


    Shannon VanWagner

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