Firefox pulls ahead of Microsoft Internet Explorer in Germany

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Der Spiegel Online has a chart showing that use of the Firefox Browser has now pulled ahead of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) in Germany, 45.6% to 44.4%. While these numbers are close and the margin of error is probably bigger than the difference, I don’t think the significance of the crash of IE share is lost on anyone.

Also note the rise is use of “other” (“andere”) browsers, most likely Safari and smart phone-based browsers. So IE has been successfully displaced in Germany by a multi-flank attack, which is often the best way to compete against an opponent with dominant market share. Well funded dominant players can usually always take on a single attacker, but it is much harder when opponents are hitting on many sides in many creative ways.

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  1. “Backing Young Britain” looks interesting. It is nominally a campaign orchestrated by the UK Government, who are concerned about the possibility that the talent of the youth of the nation will be laid to waste by the economic climate. UK and USA have a broadly similar climate in this case.

    You may notice that both Microsoft and IBM nail their colors to the mast; and both to the same mast. Both lend their brand identities to this public service campaign. Along with many other fine organisations.

    But businesses compete, and indeed they compete for the business of the government; IBM would like to sell Lotus Notes, and Microsoft would like to sell Microsoft Office, and the UK Government surely wants one, or the other, but not both, on the desks of all the government employees.

    We live in interesting times. I’m certain the chosen solution will not involve OS/2 and SmartSuite. But as to anything else, well, we’re still in the game !

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