Microsoft survey on “perceptions of interoperability”

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Microsoft appears to be running a survey on “perceptions of interoperability.” I’ll let you decide for yourself whether this is phrased in a completely neutral and objective manner, but you might want to weigh in if you feel you want to help separate perceptions from reality.

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  1. When I followed the link to the survey, I arrived at a screen that said, “Thank you for completing this survey.”

  2. The survey link returns a completed survey page, thanking me for completing a survey I haven’t completed, with no means of getting to the start.

    I did manage to find it; was good for a saturday morning chuckle.

  3. I think, I hope, I have it right now.

  4. I saw the questionnaire.

    My personal belief is that IBM Lotus would like to achieve better interoperability between Lotus Notes and Microsoft Office ; and further that IBM is investing development dollars towards that end.

    However, I can neither speak for the Corporation, nor commit it to any particular course of action.

    But it’s probably more useful for me to reply on Bob’s ‘blog’, than to fill in the anonymous questionnaire.

    Personally, I believe that Microsoft Office speaks Martian (only other Martians can understand Martian properly), and IBM tends to speak Esperanto (an open standard, but so far a ‘minority sport’).

    Translating between Martian and Esperanto is challenging at the best of times, and it’s not surprising that some shades of meaning get lost along the way.

    Any new competitors are going to start with Esperanto, though.

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