The next Microsoft document standard attempt?

Interesting article over at ars technica: “Microsoft’s PDF-killer heads towards standards body”. In private conversations, I predicted that this would happen. It will be interesting to see the industry response, if any.

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2 Responses to The next Microsoft document standard attempt?

  1. Sam Hiser says:

    I’ve been poking around about XPS and it is interesting: perhaps a better example of innovation from them, but deeply tying the document format to the print spooler. Ouch!

    Looks like the file format aspects could warrant support in a standards body but the ties to the new printing architecture is same-old same-old, justifying attention from any local anti-trust commission one would care to name. Another phoney ECMA-MOOX (but even worse).

    Though we’ve been acclimatized for ten-odd years, the bold aggressiveness of this, along with other plays around Vista, might still shock before breakfast.

  2. Jerome Davies says:

    I’ll be interested to see how widely this will be picked up. My company just bought a couple of photocopiers and scanners than scan to PDF. Even if I wanted to change to something else, which I don’t, I’ll be tied into PDF for a long time.

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