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Office 2.0


XML Memory Dumps

  • ‘You can write “STANDARD” on it in letters as big as you want, but there will only ever be one full implementation, and if you standardize on this standard you�ve locked yourself in.’

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  1. About 25 years ago, I was working for ICI as a Control Engineer (maintaining the chemical analysis equipment which would monitor the safety of a plant converting salt to chlorine at hundreds of tons per day).
    Then, the take on ‘standards’ was ‘If we can persuade the British Standards Instutution to endorse the way we do things as a British Standard, then we are one-up on our competitors’.

    Since then, ICI split; the heavy chemicals part kept the ICI name (best known for paints), and the ‘speciality’ part became AstraZeneca, a pharmaceutical giant.

    But i think corporations’ views on standards are much the same. It’s up to standards organisations to counterbalance things in the interests of all their constituents. ISO had better try to work out what’s best for everyone in the world.

  2. We now have a port of Red Hat Fedora Linux to Sony Playstation 3 (with the IBM supercomputer-on-a-chip Cell Broadband Engine processor). . Apparently Sony funded the project.

    So, Lenovo Personal Computer with Microsoft Windows is a perfectly viable personal computing solution, but it is definitely not the only game in town any more.

    There is competition for your dollars, and that tends to be good for you.

  3. The PS3 had pretty well killed the XBOX 360 or mac related offerings (iTV, mini) as a home media hub for me, but this puts them both in a coffin and fills in the dirt.

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