Short article: “Conquering Open-Source Fears”

The PDF of a short Q&A article with me called “Conquering Open-Source Fears” from Linux Executive Report is now available online in PDF form.

By the way, I would not have put the hyphen between “Open” and “Source” in the title.

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2 Responses to Short article: “Conquering Open-Source Fears”

  1. Dave Pawson says:

    Please would you make your pdf ‘accessible’ as in applying structure to them,
    or ensure that any PDF you post is matched by simpler HTML versions of same info.
    Then I can pass it on to blind colleagues without having to spend time re-formatting it.

    Nice article Bob.

    regards DaveP

  2. Bob Sutor says:

    That’s a very good point. I didn’t create the PDF, but I will talk to the folks about getting it in a better, more accessible form.

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