links for 2007-01-31


  1. Most interesting link really is at:

    The author, previously written parts of Abiword, trashes ODF as technically incomplete and OOXML critics as “shallow.” Maybe this is one of first takes from purely technical perpective, leaving religious things aside?

  2. I doubt it. Anyone really believe that technology and religious discussions are completely separate? Everyone has their bias. I’m sure we’ll see a lot of refutation elsewhere on the web. Thanks for the link.

  3. The ‘industry’ seems to be made up of ‘eternal triangles’, with some very strange economics.
    If you take IBM-Microsoft-Lenovo, then we have …
    IBM sells XBOX360 supercomputer chips to Microsoft, in a growth market.
    Lenovo paid IBM $2 Billion for a Personal Computer business, and IBM currently owns 19% of it.
    Microsoft and Lenovo are best mates; truly, it’s cheaper for Lenovo to deliver on a year’s warranty on an ‘Lenovo Personal Computer with Microsoft Windows’ if it’s something they tested together at the factory. No idea whether Lenovos sell better because of it; you’d have to ask them.

    Now, how long this ‘love triangle’ will last, and what it will mean for us ordinary guys and gals who don’t have $2B to throw around and just want to get on with developing stuff for the next generation, I’m not quite sure.

    For myself, I like the Open Standards. Documents I write don’t have to be especially pretty, but they do have to be available to me and my successors; ideally for ever. I’ll take ISO26300 and build on it, if you let me.

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