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Demise of Print

  • “The news hit the internet this morning: as of next month, InfoWorld will no longer be distributed in a print edition.” About time, I hope the others follow.

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Office 2.0

Open Source

Second Life

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  1. The BBC has got hold of the proposition that there’s something in IBM Research Japan, to help blind people access video content on web sites. And that IBM ‘hopes it will be free’.

    Now, there’s various definitions of ‘free’; we are watched over by the business end of the Corporation who do their best to keep us legal and profitable; and until there’s something on the IBM web site, IBM can change its mind.

    So, the definitions of ‘free’ that I know are
    1) GPL-style ‘aggressively free’, source code on SourceForge, use at will, redistribute the source code please. This is ‘free like a Websphere Umbrella’, a marketing novelty. If IBM is serious about its reputation with its traditional large corporate customers who may have blind employees who might benefit from this contribution, this could be the best choice.
    2) CPL-style ‘free’, use at will, no need to redistribute the source code, but if by any chance you decide to sue IBM for patent infringement then you will need to negotiate a separate licence for your blind video browser. A sort of ‘mutual defence union’.
    3) Object-Code-Only All-Rights-Reserved Free; tested to work under Windows XP, SuSE Linux, and RedHat Linux, might work under Windows Vista if you are lucky. That’s the Alphaworks style, and maybe DeveloperWorks too.
    4) Free like IBM Java (or a power cable for an IBM mainframe); no charge, but the only way to get one is to buy an IBM product (such as Websphere, or that z900 you always wanted)

    Any idea which kind this will be ? Or might IBM try to find a way of actually selling it for real money ? (No, it’s Research. Put it down to ‘Good Advertising for the Services Business’, like the Nobel Prizes.)

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