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  1. As a first-adopter Vista user, I contend there’s three major reasons why it hasn’t had impact Microsoft wanted:

    (1) Microsoft removed too many major features over its five-year! development, dampening expectations;

    (2) Vista’s return on upgrade a negative one: from its one-device EULA, increased prices, lack of driver support, lack of virtualization, and limited (DRM-crippled) media features, and resource requirements, it’s costly to implement in every way;

    (3) I’ve yet to meet any fellow Windows users who are excited about Vista. Most tried it and are proud to say they’ll wait for the next upgrade (Fiji?). However, talk to anyone using alternative OSes — GNU/Linux and OS X — and you’ll find every one of their users very happy with their choice.

    On top of that, Vista is the first OS in history that is marketed to disable features on your PC! How’s that working out for you, Microsoft? (Anyone else get the rushed, anxious feeling that Fiji will arrive prematurely in order to bury Vista next to ME?)

  2. There’s a marketing campaign we never saw: “Vista: The New ME!”

    I’m still loving my Mac and kicking myself for not moving to it earlier. I still use Windows XP Pro on my work laptop, but that’s it.

  3. Zaine, have you noticed a lot of people wanting to go back to XP?

    I speculate that this is the reason why WGA recently installed in computers where it had previously been blocked. I think MS is getting ready to force a mass upgrade. This would be a good time to bookmark the Dell Ubuntu Linux models page (now with 4 models) so you can tell everyone when the kill switch is about to activate where to find a replacement computer.

  4. W^L+, that’s a good point. In the Vista EULA, it states that once you install a Vista upgrade version (not the full version), it precludes the user from reactivating any previous version of Windows. But again, you don’t see this “inhibitor” as part of any of those slick, flowing Microsoft commercials.

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