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  • “I got yelled at at Microsoft for talking to the press a few times. But they stopped bothering when they realized that I was talking to the press on my blog anyway and generally I wasn’t causing too many messes that needed to be cleaned up.”

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  1. Apparently Adobe will be taking PDF through AIIM. That was how PDF/A and some other Acrobat standardization was processed and then used as an avenue to ISO (if they’ve gotten that far yet). Apart from the de facto acceptance of Acrobat, it is really the same approach as XPS through ECMA, isn’t it? You think either of them will play in the others standard-track process? Do you think either of them will oppose the other in any standards-authority activity? Which one will you lobby for?

  2. It’s impossible for me to cheer for either of these companies (Adobe or Microsoft), however, using the past as predictor, at least Adobe hasn’t thrown up as many roadblocks to PDF as Microsoft has with .doc and through MS-OOXML.

  3. Dennis, I believe that Adobe plans for the process to take a couple of years and they have had PDF-A being developed in ISO for quite some time. I suspect there will be two separate tracks. When I see implementations of XPS available on multiple operating systems, I’ll consider it a possible contender. As to which one we will support, we’re already there for PDF.

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