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Two OOXML “Standards,” Microsoft‘s and ECMA’s?

IBM Joins

OOXML, Unnecessary But Not Dead Yet


Open Source and Email

  • “The resurrection of Eudora, used by millions of users before the bundling of Outlook into PCs rendered it roughly obsolete, is another example of how the emergence of the open source model can sustain innovation.”

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  1. We have another looming commercial squabble here .

    If you’re in the business of making money on the back of Apple IPODs, you need to sell music.

    There are 2 credible models.

    One, you can take the money up-front when someone buys the IPOD; then you let the IPOD user get the music from anywhere convenient. A friend who already has the music is one possibility.

    Two, you can open an ‘Itunes’ store, and take 99 cents off the IPOD owner whenever he or she wants a new tune. In that case, getting the music from a friend undermines the business model rather badly.

    Now, I don’t know whether the Canadian legislature will decide it one way or the other.

    But I wish they’d get on with it, so I can go put the right engineering solution in place.

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