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  1. Well, when WindowsXP was released, the choice was between OS/2 and Windows. And nobody bought OS/2.

    Fast-forward to Windows Vista. We have plentiful ‘domestic’ broadband, and that has meant all of the university-written and hobbyist-written software from the last 25 years has been collected at places like (University of North Carolina) and is available to anyone who wants to take it. Whether it solves anyone’s problems is another matter; but it’s there as a kind of raw material.

    With a little ‘guidance’ from the corporations … IBM, ATT, SUN, and Google all have an interest in Linux succeeding, probably others too … and there is relatively less need to pirate Windows.

    It’s rather like in a school, you get textbooks and exercise books. Windows is a textbook; Linux is an exercise book.

    After enough schooling, you’re supposed to grow up and not need the old textbooks any more. The information in one generation’s exercise books is what the next generation can learn from.

    ‘Business Computing’ and ‘Domestic commercial entertainment’ crossed over. It caused various consternation; not least between Apple Computer, and Apple Records (remember the Beatles ?)

    But it’s inevitable, now that we have in Internet. Businesses will just need to learn how to exploit it.

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