There is humor is the OOXML morass

See the Slashdot piece “Microsoft Believes IBM Masterminded Anti-OOXML Initiative,” especially the comments. Pass it on to anyone who might be asking about this or needs a good laugh.

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2 Responses to There is humor is the OOXML morass

  1. Ryan Singer says:

    I personally think that this accusation is hilarious, given that the fellowship is very active in anti-ooxml writing and research, and has no IBM members or funding.

    Also the Foundation, before it exited the space, had signification friction with IBM on occasion.

    We all have over-lapping goals here, but to say IBM is masterminding the grass-roots aspects, is ridiculous.

    Ryan Singer
    OpenDocument Fellowship

  2. Nicos Tsilas says:

    Hi Bob – I’m the Microsoft employee quoted in the referenced article. If you want to find out more about Microsoft’s OXML policy positions please go to or

    Nicos Tsilas

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