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No, Really, We Mean It This Time

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  1. The British Library isn’t taking a stand. Didn’t they contribute to OOXML? That seems pretty odd, or perhaps, telling.

  2. I would argue that the major ‘non-commercial’ use of open source is in academia. The universities seem to view ‘software’ as a by-product of the teaching process; to a large extent, that is the force which has given us Linux, the ‘gcc’ compiler, , and the TCP/IP distribution channel protocol (UC Berkeley). With that little lot, you can conquer the world (and it’s noticeable that OS/2, SmartSuite, and SNA have moved to the sidelines to make room for them). , ‘One Laptop Per Child’, is a non-commercial project; it’s constituted as a charity, there will be no profits for shareholders. MIT is behind it. A number of the subcontractors are participating on a commercial profit-seeking basis; but the project as a whole is a charity.

    Does it compete with Intel and Microsoft with their ‘classmate’ ? Sure it does.
    Will sparks fly ? Many people are watching.

  3. I find it most telling that the EU published a reaction a mere day after the announcement. Even more telling is the rather direct language of it (“We’ve seen it all before”). Given that the primary cash cow (Windows) is heavily wounded (Vista), and MS has failed to make a sustainable, profitable impact in any mother market they have tried it is going to be interesting to see what smart investors are going to do now even the backup cash cow is under threat.

    Make no mistake about it, the EU has its eyes on MS after it almost destroyed ISO to ram through OOXML as a standard which is wholly incompatible with the aims and approach of ISO. I think MS is going to regret this one because it provides a prime example of what damage it causes when it doesn’t get its way, and just how little it cares about the side effects of what it does.

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