Daily Links 11/17/2008 (p.m.)

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  1. Saw you quoted in Forbes, Bob. All publicity is good publicity. Well done.

    But I’d like to sound a contrary note. Down at Romsey Wasps Rugby, one of the dads is a salesman from Coutts Bank. He says ‘Smaller Government is Better Government’, and he doesn’t believe that a smoothly-interoperating government is good for his busines. His concern is that the UK government is wanting banks to treat all their clients to identifiably-equal standards. And since his clients typically have $20M to be looked after — it’s a high-class bank — they all get individual attention. But he’s not sure that he can give justify that John X and Jane Y have been served identically, nor that the clients would want that.

    And the reputation damage if the UK government decided that Coutts had infringed the commercial code would be enormous. He doesn’t really want the UK equivalent of the black sedan from the SEC drawing up, and taking his boss away in handcuffs.

    How is it in the US ? In these economically-challenging times, is Government getting bigger or smaller ? Is that good or bad for Corporations ? How about for the People ?

    Do come see us at the Wasps if you get a weekend layover in England. We have some very interesting parents on the team; you could get a lot of business done.

    One of the Dads is behind the Free Maps for 11-year-olds project from the Ordnance Survey; you are welcome to experiment with their API. Wouldn’t have happened in Napoleonic times. Nor in the days of OS/2. The web makes it all possible.

    What will the marketing people dream up next ? (Apart from Symphony, of course. We are free, and we work smart.)

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