Finishing up 2009

There’s not been much action here in my personal blogosphere in the last few weeks since December has been exceptionally busy. I had two domestic business trips plus a week in Tunisia in North Africa, then followed by the holidays. Basically, it’s been run, run, run, but now I’m trying to sit, sit, sit, at least until the beginning of January.

Once I went on break from work, I turned my attention to renovating our kids’ bathroom. This wasn’t a major renovation, but it was more than redecoration. This bathroom has a skylight, and through the years some of the plaster or joint compound near the corners of the shaft to the roof needed repair. I’m not sure if it was water damage from the shower or a leaky roof that caused the problem, but since we had the roof replaced last summer, I decided that it was time to fix the ceiling.

With that done, I painted the ceiling with a white semi-gloss paint and then did the door and beadboard woodwork in a high gloss white. I don’t think flat paint works well in bathrooms because of the moisture. Some sort of gloss is always appropriate for woodwork and I think the semi-gloss on the ceiling gives extra protection.

shade of blue

The walls had been wallpapered, but I think this is also a problem in small bathrooms with a shower. I decided that paint would be best but our family quandary was the choice of color. There are pink accent tiles in the walls and floor, and they were not going anywhere. Since this bathroom is used primarily by my son, I wanted to reduce the pinkness, and I declined his suggestion that I rip out the pink tiles. We briefly considered some shade of green, but then moved to blue. I ended up getting a deep, slightly gray blue called Celestial Blue by Olympic Paints. I used a satin finish, though semi-gloss would have worked here as well.

After the paint, it was time to improve the fixtures. The bathroom had one 24″ towel rod on the wall, so I replaced that with a double rod and added one to the door as well (two kids = a lot of towels). The medicine cabinet is quite old (as in over a hundred years) and I wanted to keep that, so I painted it with the high gloss white and put a new chrome knob on it to match the other fixtures.

Plumbing-wise, I replaced the separate hot and cold faucets with a single bridge model. This fits into the 12″ faucet spacing but has a horizontal pipe that mixes hot and cold, with a centered spigot. It looks traditional but has modern conveniences.

I have a few other odds and ends to finish up before New Year’s Day, both in this project and otherwise. Here’s hoping that everything gets done and that we can all start 2010 with new projects, fresh ideas, and enough energy to get them all accomplished!

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